Villa Garda Hospital, Department of Eating and Weight Disorders

Where: Garda (near Verona), Italy


Villa Garda Hospital, established in 1920, and providing treatment for eating disorders, as well as other illnesses. Villa Garda is open both for men and women without age limit, and with severe anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorders who have not responded to outpatient treatment. Capacity is 49 beds (38 for regular inpatients and 11 for day patients). Treatment is based on enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT-E), considered by international guidelines as the most effective form of cure for all eating disorders. Individualized and flexible treatment is conducted by a multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, dietitians, physiotherapists and professional nurses.

Interesting fact: Multidisciplinary team is guided by Riccardo Dalle Grave, MD, a world expert in the treatment of eating disorders, author of books and numerous articles. Centar BEA hosted Dr. Dalle Grave in 2015 when he presented to the Croatian public his method of working with people suffering from eating disorder. Evaluation of the success of KBT-E multistep in the treatment of adolescents is about 80% while adults expect about 40% of total recovery (two thirds of adult patients ending KBT-E treatment meet the recovery criteria). According to the latest research, KBT-E is the most effective method for treating these severe and life-threatening disorders.