About us

Center for eating disorders BEA is a non-govermental and non-profit organization founded in July 2012 to provide psycho-social support to eating disorders' sufferers and their families. We also implement preventive programmes, educate public and network professionals from Croatia and abroad. Years of experience in support groups, counselling and implementation of preventive programmes, both for elementary and high school - „Who is that in the mirror?” and “It is good to be me” are built in Centre BEA. We were part of expert team in writing of Strategic Guidelines for Improvement of Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders in Republic of Croatia“ (2012;).

Since the beginning of our work, we hosted educations and symposiums with experts from EU and USA; Riccardo Dalle Grave, PhD (Italia), Prof. Janet Treasure, PhD (UK), Doc. Karin Sernec, PhD (Slovenia)

Executive Director: mr.sc. Jelena Balabanić Mavrović, Sociologist and Psychotherapist of Reality Therapy

Members and associates: Ivana Vrbat, mag.psych; Maja Žanko, mag.nutr; Ivana Kurtov, mag.soc.paed; Nikolina Essert, mag.psych and psychotherapist; Tončica Šiškov, prof.paed and DMT psychotherapist; Tina Lalli, mag.soc.work;  Antonela Meštrović, mag.psych; Lejla Talić, mag.psych.; Dario Antić, mag.psych, Cvita Vasilj Studak, mag.soc.paed, Natalija Bočkaj, PhD, Sara Peranić, Student.

Centre for Eating Disorders BEA has over 100 members, including experts, sufferers, family members and supporters.

We thank on the great support to: