United Kingdom

The Maudsley Hospital

Where: London, UK

Website: http://thenewmaudsleyapproach.co.uk/


Professionals in the Maudsley Hospital treat a range of eating disorders including co-morbidities from first presentation to sever form of disease. They offer assessment, treatment and management to people with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder or mixed eating disorder symptoms.

A dedicated team of carers and clinicians provide intensive treatment to users in an inpatient, step-up, day care or outpatient setting. The Maudsley Hospital is well known for their approach to parents and carrers of persons with eating disorder The New Maudsley Approach, developed by prof.dr.sc.Janet Treasure and her colleagues. The New Maudsley Approach provide carers with the skills and guidance that can best help them support their loved ones on the path towards recovery.

Interesting fact: In November, 2016 Center BEA hosted prof. Janet Treasure in Zagreb on a two-day education about The New Maudsley Approach for experts, as well as  parents and carers of persons  with eating disorders. We are honored we had a chance to meet prof. Treasure and learn from her unique experience in working with carers and parents.