BODYWHYS – The Eating Disorders Association of Ireland

Where: Dublin, Ireland


Bodywhys is the national voluntary organization founded to provide support people affected by eating disorder.


A team of volunteers offer support, information and a listening service through a helpline and support groups for people affected by eating disorders and their family members, partners and friends. Dedicated online services include online support groups for both adults and young people and email support. All services are supervised by professional staff. A free 4 week programme is available to family members, parents and carers. This programme is delivered by trained psychotherapists.Interesting facts: Bodywhys offers a free programme for high schools students in Ireland. This programme discuss eating disorders, body image and media literacy. One aspect of the programme is Kate's story which describes development of eating disorder and a ways of helping a person that suffer from eating disorder. During BSOE (Brighter side of exercise) week in Pula, team from Center BEA had a chance to meet members of BODYWHYS team, watch the video of Kate's story and discuss ideas and experiences among these two teams.